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Werknummer/Work ID: 882


[LYSANN]; König, Lysann

König, Lysann (Performer)
Weber, Linus (Performer)
König, Lysann (Camera)

The relationship between humans and nature in the age of digital culture is the main theme of this installation. We observe a sleeping couple in a bedroom immersed in a red-orange ambience by a heat lamp. On the night table, there is a computer transmitting the sounds of the sea and images from the sunset at the beach. This creates an artificially romantic atmosphere of nature which is helping the couple to relax.
Gezeigt als Installation, im Loop. Video wurde auf Kissen projeziert und der sound kam via boom box aus dem kissen.
- Video - Foto der eigentlichen Installation

Ort: Basel
Dokumentationstyp: Performance/Aktion für die Kamera / Performance/Action for the Camera


Video 16:9
Dauer: 23:30