Werknummer/Work ID: 819


Schoch, Steven; Handberg, Chris

Filipovic, Elena (Eventcurator)
Wagner, Renate (Eventcurator)
Micic, Slatko (Camera)
Handberg, Chris (Camera)
Schoch, Steven (Camera)

As the name suggests, the concept and structure of the performance series FEED# is based on the principle of a newsfeed as we know it from Facebook or Instagram, for example - i.e. on the endless scroll of the social media and their part of randomly calculated content. Each post is followed by another post without any obvious relation to the previous one. The viewer interprets the correlation between the individual contributions and thus creates an idea of what is currently happening "in the world". The performance FEED# addresses these structures and mechanisms and tries to transfer them into real space. I am interested in the extent to which the development of performance, the performative attitude and the discourse around performance and its potential are changing. I am no less interested in experiencing performance itself. Which strategies can be transferred and which mechanisms can be used to evoke a direct intersubjective experience that is equivalent to scrolling on the Internet? What aesthetic means must be used. Each performance in the FEED# series consists of several posts. Most of them are time-limited. As a rule, a post lasts between 2 - 4 minutes, with either the audience or a person from the audience stopping the time or a digital display running the time. Depending on the concept, the duration of the performance itself ranged between 25 and 50 minutes.
Credits: Chris Handberg, Sanja Lukanovic, Dawn Nilo, Sanja Lukanovic, Ralf Samens, Amadeus Schneider

New Swiss Performance Now

Ort: Kunsthalle Basel, Basel
KuratorIn: Filipovic, Elena ; Wagner, Renate
Dokumentationstyp: Dokumentation einer Performance/Aktion / Documentation of a performance/action


Fotoserie (Reihenfolge am Ende vom Dateinamen benennen!) / Photo series (name sequence at the end of the file name!)
Dauer: 42 Minuten