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Co-working Space Design

Aside from projects by WeWork, progenitor of the co-working space concept, this book also includes architectural projects designed to encourage co-working, designed by a variety of experienced teams, such as AIM Architecture, MAT Office and Henri Cleinge• Focusing on the concept of function in the design of the workplace, this book combines photos, plans, and detailed insights from practising professionals• Numerous original and fresh examples of office design will be found in this book, as well as the philosophies and methodologies of professional designersThe prevalence of a sharing economy generates different consuming patterns. As business begins to operate around a peer-to-peer model, so too does it become possible to share working space. This book collects some of the latest projects that explore the benefits of co-working space. Compared with traditional offices, which are simple and relatively uniform, the projects in this book tend towards the stylish and innovative. They pay more attention to the design of social space, rather than the individual cubicle. Meanwhile, this book provides inspiring design ideas about space division, identity designing, accessories, decoration and lighting.
Place of publication not identified, 29. Juni 2019