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Carbon Ecologies

In the environmental collapse, carbon emerges as the medium and object of governance, mobilized as the fulcrum of world’s brokenness - and repair. The emerging ecologies of carbon are poised to challenge the current economic, political, and power arrangements, even as the technocratic regimes race to name, contain and operationalise carbon in its infinite fungibility, through carbon markets, carbon debt, and myriads of carbon capture and utilization technologies. Through the processes of informationalization, innovation and economization, carbon emerges as the information signal in a contemporary cybernetic paradigm that encodes and governs the totality of the planet.
Can the carbon crisis (or insurrection) instead inject radical imagination into coordinating governance of the planet, the carbon commons?
This project engages with carbon as a site of contestation, an opportunity for emergence of a more equitable and emancipatory politics. Developing an artistic research approach, and drawing on discourses and practices of non-representational theory and methods as well as theories of governmentality, environmentality and atmospheres, I examine how and towards what carbon is mobilised, and involve myself in the process.