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"basket of vegetables with a redheaded doll of a leek laid across it. DIALOGUE of DOING (and the FABRICATORS OF THE ATTACHMENT)"

The Dialogue of Doing is a method of artistic and design research whose articula-tion does not require the artist or designer to know how to say something before doing it. A Dialogue of Doing materializes the imagination in real-time through ex-perience and experimentation. Constraint based processes are engaged that allow a particular place and people-based dynamics to emerge. Scientific intuition is cul-tivated. Presuppositions are suspended. Affective labor becomes transparent so as not to exploit and instrumentalize participants and partners. A Space of Trust develops. Critical praxis evolves. Shared stories are entangled and materialize as precise spatial narratives and alternative micro-democracies. The Dialogue of Do-ing is a learning method based on (a) observation (b) experimentation (c) selection (d) measure and (e) translation. Non-predetermined objectives, goals and aims emerge. Prescribed pedagogical magnets attracting outcomes that shoe-horn pro-cess towards predefined corralled ‘results’ are rejected. The result, as Sherlock Holmes says of good detectives, is that the facts are made to fit to the crimes, rather than making crimes fit to the known facts (bad detective).
Eric Ellingsen is an artist, landscape architect, writer and educator. His work ent-angles social engagement, public space, mapping, language, sound, perception, walking, new and old media, citizen based design and alternative pedagogical platforms. Eric is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at Washington University, St Louis. He established Species of Space in 2009. From 2009-2014, Eric co-directed the Institut für Raumexperimente, Olafur Eliasson, Universität der Künste, Berlin.