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Filmmaking as method | 13 attempts to Shoot My Father

I’m interested in exploring the research possibilities located at the intersection of filmmaking and social science. From the ‘liminal space’ of artistic research – ‘liminal’ because it is located between art and academia, but not firmly grounded in any of those fields - I hope to explore the practical and intellectual possibilities offered by the exploration of the idea of ‘filmmaking as a method’. From a social science perspective, I want to know how artistic research projects can shed an unexpected light on social and political issues; from the standpoint of cinema and in particular documentary filmmaking, how conceptual debates and empirical findings can inform a critical approach to documentary practice.
Temporarily entitled 13 Attempts to Shoot My Father– the short documentary essay film deals with the relation with my father as much as my relation to filmmaking. Based on the genre of the ‘making of’ or the ‘backstage’, the film explores the father-son relation through a metaphorical questioning of the traditional roles of cinema practice: the actor, the director and the audience.
Closed Film