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"Catch of the Day"

For his lecture at FHNW he will present and discuss some of his latest works and the methodologies he uses in developing new projects. Starting with a thorough analysis of the strategies and conditions applied on his artist book M, Notes on the Meander, von Kries will discuss the aesthetic potential in looking at any given phe-nomenon through the lenses and techniques of different and unrelated scientific disciplines and fields of study. To this end he goes on to analyze the relevance and employment of chance not only in artistic practices but as an evolutionary tool for the production of meaning in general.
Wolf von Kries often makes subtle interventions in everyday routines and ordi-nary objects to suggest alternative ways to read our environment. More concerned with generating a shift of perception rather than actual physical transformations, his research based practice has evolved over the years to encompass walking, gat-hering and (re)interpreting or juxtaposing his finds with phenomena of seemingly unrelated fields and disciplines. To this end, research residencies all over the world have become an integral part of his working practice. He has exhibited widely, including: NBK Berlin; Museo El Eco in Mexico City; CEEAC Strasbourg; Centre d’Art contemporain La Ferme du Buisson Marne La Vallée; Simultanhalle, Cologne; Espace Ricard, Paris; Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt; Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna and Tate Modern, London.
Basel, 30. Oktober 2018