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Together Elsewhere 11: Mari Norddahl and Joëlle Valterio

Format: Online – Performance Event
online, 21-06-2022

Material used by Mari Norddahl: 4,5 m of white sheet, a closed bell, long stick

Where: The kitchen

Why: The kitchen is a functional, yet difficult performance space where we could get close to the camera. The small/narrow space would influence the movements you can make within it. We wanted to play with perspectives: close-up, mid-perspective (from the kitchen bench) and from above towards the floor. Our kitchens were surprisingly similar in layout/design, which contributed to a mirroring effect.

The materials I chose were to challenge the body: a sheet larger than you can handle, a stick longer than the kitchen is wide. A bell with a loud chime to incorporate sound without using your voice. I also had Joëlle’s materials present.

Key words: Close-up, Hands, Mirroring, Scale, Perspective

Mari Norddahl: Starefossen, Bergen, Norway

Joëlle Valterio: Bahnstrasse, Bern, Switzerland

Material used by Joëlle Valterio: A hard boiled egg, a ball of natural fibre cord, a roll of kraft paper

Where: The kitchen

Why: I was interested to use a space where I wouldn't invite people in to watch a performance otherwise and make use of the specifity of the camera in that space.

First I chose two materials I am used to work with: cord and paper. I find their ordinary, functional dimension interesting, and also their potential of expansion in space and of interaction with the body. I was curious to use them in the small space of my kitchen. Finally we didn't use the paper. The egg is a more intuitive choice, from my kitchen, with its fascinating form and movement, and also its potential of transformation.

Key words: Virtuality, Kitchen, Video conference, Performance


close-up hands kitchen mirroring performance scale video conference virtuality collection:together elsewhere vwg:declare performance art together elsewhere


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