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Together Elsewhere 02: Anette Friedrich Johannessen und Judith Huber

Format: Online – Performance Event
In our first conversation we discussed similarities and differences in our performances.
We both shared a strong relationship to plants and fabrics. Judith also suggested the letter I.
I suggested black clothes. On the day we changed it to white, it was easier for Judith to find something white to wear. I only have one dress in that colour. But I experienced that white goes very well with green plants. The plants were collected in the space surrounding my own house. It is always important to me to perform with sustainable objects. So, the fabric was leftovers from previous performances.
Online / NO/CH, 08-05-2021

Material used by Anette Friedrich Johannessen:

  • Plants
  • White clothing
  • Textiles

Where: Staircase connected to house or garden (Askøy, Norway)

Why: Place, chosen due to the fact that we both had one.  We decided on the word I.




Anette Friedrich Johannessen (NO) und Judith Huber (CH)


Together Elsewhere with Judith Butler.

Where: We both had a staircase belonging to our house. By being close to our house we could rely on good WIFI connection. Oppositions came clear for the place we chose. It was the urban space in contrast to the suburban. My staircase was in the garden. My garden is surrounded by plants and trees. Secluded from neighbours, I had an idea that I would get a feeling of performing in the landscape, which I often do in my own project.

I had forgotten about the construction workers who was working in a new building just below my garden area. They were not making any construction noise, but had the radio on. A low sound of 90s pop-music entered my performance. By being in this limbo of working towards intuitive actions and still being aware to the sounds around me, my actions was no longer completely opposite to the urban space Judith was performing in. It took me a bit longer to achieve this sense of mediative action, but at the end I did.
And then the 30 minutes had passed. (Anette Friedrich Johannessen)


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