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Ethical Sellout: A Designer's Guide to Giving a F/ck

The original Ethical Sellout is a comprehensive ethical design resource for professionals who give a f/ck about the impact of their work. If your practice has ever challenged your personal values and your aim is to effect meaningful change while earning a living, this practical guide is for you. Ethical Sellout supports any creative professional, in any sector of the industry, with over 130 actions that can incrementally shift anyone toward a more responsible practice. Starting right now. Until now, little has existed to actionably support creatives working in the commercial industry to do so a little more ethically. This rigorously researched field guide does exactly that. In this book you will learn: How to navigate the ethical complexities of the commercial industry. The ten core areas of ethical design practice and where you fall. Over 130 easily-implementable actions toward ethical practice. Fundamental design principles for responsible work. Tools toward inclusivity, accessibility, ethical design for tech, sustainability, and more. Less soul selling, more f/ck giving.
2. April 2019

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Ethical Sellout