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Memory Full? Digital Legacy 2021 DHS Annual Conference

Welcome to the digital legacy of the 2021 DHS Annual Conference «Memory full? Reimagining the relations between design and history», which took place fully online, hosted by the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland, 2-4 September 2021.
Over three days, the programme offered a total of 28 sessions and two workshops. They were arranged around three perspectives: locating archives and design matters, narrating the blind spots, and intersecting design practice and historiography. A total of 104 speakers presented their papers to an audience of 254 participants from 34 countries. Their contributions were productively related to a wide range of fields. They offered a rich and multifaceted picture of the history of design critically questioning its canon, and stimulating alternative historiographic debates. The keynote lectures by Ahmed Ansari (New York University), Alexandra Midal (HEAD, Geneva), Jussi Parikka (Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton) and Alfredo Gutiérrez Borrero (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá) shed light on the conference’s core themes. A pre-conference programme with student-led events and publishing workshops warmed up the conference floor. A virtual book fair with its programme of presentations and the DHS Design Writing Award ceremony on one of the evenings enriched the events. The conference was convened by Meret Ernst (FHNW Academy of Art and Design) and Mònica Gaspar (HSLU Lucerne School of Art and Design).
This collection contains the conference’s digital legacy, consisting of the following items: a book of abstracts, proceedings (in full length or searchable by author and article), video recordings of conference talks, video recordings of book presentations, virtual tours under the title Postcards from Switzerland, the pre-conference programme and a link to the conference’s former website.
2021, 2-4 September

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