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20 ideas for a performance at home

Format: Performance
(This is a text-based performance. Please follow the instructions below.)
Due to the lack of recognition the discipline has in art institutions, until now, we associated action art with performance (music, theatre); at most with body art (hurting or photographing oneself). In the moment we come into contact with the discipline, we discover that it goes beyond an exhibitionist expression. We understand that it can also be in a form of a vindictive dinner in an open space (Ai Weiwei; Dora García; Nyamnyam collective), stopping at a pedestrian crossing to greet people (I.Valcárcel Medina), walking while tracing the path with tape (Esther Ferrer), giving an atypical lecture, or creating poem-objects as a dialogue.
Convinced that the value of an idea lies in its relational capacity, we continue to create a dialogue-game from the resources that the political and social situation has lent us at this time: each one in and within their own home. Once, in class, we were told that in a brainstorming the good ideas come up from number 20 on the list. With this premise, we invite you to perform with another person your first 20 ideas in order to better understand what this action art is all about.
(X,Y) Pick up the phone and call each other.
One after the other, launch ideas for everyday actions to do with objects inside the house
Make a list until you reach 20
X performs and records the proposals by Y and vice versa
Edit a video piece with the actions interspersed, in order, according to the list
Send us your dialogues to, to create a dialogal archive on homemade performance
Sierre, ISBA, 2020-05-03