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Format: VHS Video, sw Fotoauszüge
Behind the Wall
In a test-tube, mausoleum, cocoon, mummy, death as a birth or revival
Performance-Orgy at the building of the Sofia University
Performers: Bendji / Albena Mihaylova, Dimitar Grozdanov, Ralitsa.
Makeup: Allain Rois
Photography: Takor Kyurdian
Video: Georgy Kepenerov
March 1990. The spring after the fall of Communist regime came. Sofia University hosts the «10х10х10» Exhibition by «Section13».
Section13 is the new name of the former Atelier or Club of the Young Artist.
The attic of the University has remained inaccessible for a long time, closed off with plywood. One of them has a hole in it allowing you to see what is on the other side.
The artist Georgy Todorov notices the hole and claims it as his own form of conceptual art. We do not know what awaits us on the other side, but we will get through, that is for sure.
A portrait of a Party big-wig from the Cult Times meets us head-on. Fossils, gypsum casts, mammoth camps and busts of Lenin roll in the dirt, formaldehyde jars and faded red stars are everywhere. Albena Mihaylova / Bendji, Ralitsa and Dimitar Grosdanov have white tape wrapped tightly around their bodies. The French theater set designer Alain Rois paints on their faces. The three performers are running in circles, their actions resembling cleaning, sweeping, and even fighting with clubs. Going from one room to another, their tapes become looser showing their bare bodies. The make-up and the decors make them look more aggressive. They are in a trance-like state. Albena / Bendji lies down on the floor next to Lenin and embraces the tusk of a mammoth. Their actions are a sacrifice.
Videoarchive: 5’25’’
5 bw photographies
copy right: Albena Mihaylova
Uni Sofia, Bulgarien, 1990

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Albena Mihaylova & co