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Topo-Analysis of Space. A Lived Experience

The concept of home is a vast one. It goes beyond a place for hu- mans to find shelter. It encapsulates our whole being in a limited space; expanding and contracting with our needs. I unfold the nature of domestic space through topo-analysis of my apartment building in Basel, Switzerland.

Faced by the inevitable process of the gentrification of my own apartment, I conducted visual and tactile experiments of my home in order to dissect, abstract, and capture the nature of space. I am interested in its dynamics, its materiality, time and the relationship of a space with people.

My research and experimentations are based on my own lived expe- rience. As well as the seminal works of a few philosophers and artists like Gaston Bachelard and Rachel Whiteread respectively that guide my enquiry into intimate spaces.
Basel, 2021

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Ted Davis
Mischa Leiner
Hollas Invar Torre