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Biombo. Home Office

Biombo brings families together while nurturing privacy and focus, offering new personal spaces and ambience illumination. The concept comes from a symbiosis between a fan and a room divider (paravent), both having in common their origins on wind, the matter that pushes boats and makes them travel far away. Thanks to its acoustics isolating textile, its size and its roundness, you can work in a same room without being exposed. It is light, so you can carry it and place it on its vertical holder, either to save it there or to use it as a bigger room divider or an ambience light.

You will not only have one, but two, and can play with their heights to adapt them to your situation. It also contains batteries that give its lightning and its mobile phone charging capacity more than 50 hours of autonomy, and when they run off, you can charge it wherever you want or in its foot. You can personalise it with the colours combination of your choice.
Basel, 2021

Full spec

Nicole Schneider
Prof. Dr. Ralf Trachte