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Visual Communication & Iconic Research

Visualising aroma is an experimental project with the aim of discovering how aroma looks like. My practical outcome was an interactive installation which engaged the visitor to experience aroma
and visuals simultaneously.

Watercolours were my first contact with olfactory stimulus, provoking a set of colour choices, and expressive brushstrokes. With drawings no colours were applied but black ink to accentuate shape differences and similarities. Colour samples were exempt of shape and brush traces, for this reason they have been printed to simulate industrial coloured cardboard. Digital colour gradients originate from colour samples which have been applied onto a digital canvas echoing the aleatory movement of olfactory molecules, a metaphor of emotions which aroma makes us feel through the abstract representations of colour and shape. Colour emotion and shape expression are highly influenced by individual’s preference, what someone likes, or dislikes cannot come from an objective point of view.
Basel, 2021