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You say Witch like it`s a bad thing.

You say Witch like it`s a bad thing.
Transcending. Hands feel. Eyes gaze. Spirit dances. Let`s turn the world upside down. Let’s turn ourselves upside down. Femininity, sensuousness. Witch!
Developing your own reality is a process of recognition, disentangling yourself from a reality moulded by society, parents and environment, full of contaminated values. Being a witch means transcending, consciously treading this path between values, seeing things with new eyes.
Witch! Let your eyes open in the dance.
Sisterhood! We look, we are looked at, we confront the gaze of others and gaze at you with open eyes, challenging and provoking. Take the plunge, open your eyes and SEE with us.
I have two eyes to look and one to see.
Basel, 2019

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